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What is e-Jewelry Software© 

Gain Greater Control. Increase Margins. Drive Growth.


Built on the Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV platform, e-Jewelry Software is an innovative jewelry business management solution directly focused on managing the complexities of the mid-market jewelry wholesalers, manufacturers and importers. Offering an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP solution, e-Jewelry Software is a complete inventory, order/memo processing, job tracking system providing real-time integration into financial reporting, analytics, human resources tasks and jewelry component in one centralized product.

With powerful manufacturing functionality, customer relations management, pricing and promotions optimization, e-Jewelry brings you the best commercial grade and a high performance client server technology, delivering a unique and compelling way to optimize revenue and increase competitiveness, while offering an unprecedented return on investment. When selecting the platform for this solution, we were vehemently focused on finding exactly the right ERP for this endeavor.


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Using the unmatched and unprecedented technological and financial resources of Microsoft Corporation, Business Computing is dedicated to changing the way mid-size to large jewelry companies manage their operations, handle their IT infrastructure and helping them to focus more on their craft rather than their software issues. Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV delivers a highly customizable system and offers a depth and breadth of technological longevity unsurpassed by other small and large players.

Filling the gap in the mid-market ERP space, e-Jewelry Software delivers extensive jewelry focused functionality at a price and delivery model more closely aligned with an out-of-box solution. With extensive jewelry business management tools, analytics and operational controls designed with the help of jewelry business experts at an unprecedented price point, e-Jewelry Software is transforming the way jewelers think about ERP systems.

Using e-Jewelry, you will Increase Productivity, Focus On Growth, Improve Collaboration and Sharpen Your Competitive Edge. e-Jewelry Software is truly a revolution in ERP.

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Product Facts & Specifications

Product: Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV 2013  Type: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Developer: Microsoft Corporation   Stable release: 7.0 (2013)    
Development  Status: Active  Platform: x86
License: MS-EULA      Compliance: Compliant with IAS/IFRS
Language: Multi - With 43 Global Localizations Utilities: NAV based comm. software products
Licensing Model: Concurrent/Perpetual License Users: 100K Companies, 2 Million users
Programming Language: C/AL(Client/server Application Language), Uses ".NET" as of NAV 2009
Operating System: Windows Server 2008/12 (Application server), Win 7 & later (Clients)
Architecture: 3 Tier: The Database Server/Tier, The Application Server/Tier, The Client(s) Tier
Add-ons: e-Jewelry Vertical Add-on Software Certified® for Microsoft Dynamics™
Licensing Features: Financial management, Supply chain management, Manufacturing,
Distribution, Customer relationship management, Sales and marketing, Service management &
Human resource management.
                                                                         Source: Microsoft Corporation

Some Key e-Jewelry Features


Track and handle finished jewelry
Track and handle diamond inventory
Process sales orders
Process job envelopes
Manage production orders
Keep track of consignment orders
View a complete memo history
Track inventory by bar coding & scanning
RFID Integration
Produce item catalogues with pictures
Create stock by item cards
Multi-Bills of Material processing
Electronic Data Interface (EDI)
Multi-Currency Conversion
Multi-Lingual Conversion
Tablets & Mobile Solutions packed with features
UPS & FedEx Integration
e-Commerce Integration

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