Benefits & Features

e-Jewelry Benefits & Features


...But How Beneficial Are They to Your Business?

When it comes to A business management solution, you need a software package from a vendor who will be around to maintain and support the software for a long time. Microsoft Dynamics NAV e-Jewelry Software enables you to make smart decisions that have a direct impact on your bottom line—increasing margins and improving your cash flow. Simple to learn and use, Microsoft Dynamics NAV works with your existing technology and scales as you grow to deliver long-term value.

e-Jewelry Software from Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV is an integrated business solution designed specifically for medium to large sized jewelry wholesalers and manufacturers who have outgrown their jewelry software solution, but who do not want to invest in large and expensive solutions. e-Jewelry is ideal if you are looking for a software package that is:

  • Familiar, easy to use and easy to maintain. Microsoft is the most widely used and respected software in the world eliminating the need to spend money and countless hours to train your employees.
  • It implements quickly. Microsoft software is easier to connect and integrate with other software. You won’t need to employ specialized technicians for your implementation.
  • Is easily customized. Don’t be forced to change the way you do your business. Instead, customize the software to fit your specific needs.
  • It’s expandable. With Microsoft, the possibilities to accommodate your growing pains are endless.
  • It’s Innovative. It already works with what you have. You won’t have to purchase new compatible software/hardware.
  • Widely used. Microsoft software is supported by millions of partners and developers worldwide so your software investment will always be safe.
e-Jewelry provides a comprehensive software solution to jewelry wholesalers and manufacturers. Designed for medium to large sized companies, e-Jewelry features dozens of functions geared specifically for jewelry production manufacturing and distribution as well as basic accounting and human resources tasks. All your records and information are just a mouse click away – from inventory control to metal values, memos, estimates, accounts payable, printed tags and job envelopes, bar coding and much more. Business Computing designed the e-Jewelry software system with the special needs of the jewelry manufacturing and distribution industries as the focus.

During the design process, we took every aspect of the business into strict consideration in the design process and the result in an easy-to-use software system with clear, attractive screens that make access to any stored information a quick and painless process. e-Jewelry software takes into consideration the total jewelry and accounting software requirements of its clients within a broad spectrum, including manufacturers and distributors, retailer and associate companies. We urge you to remember that old saying: Where you buy is just as important as what you buy. When it comes to jewelry software, there are a many choices out there. You can go on-line and browse over a number of jewelry solutions. To find specific software for a specific need, one needs to do his/her research well.

All software developers will claim that their product is just as good if not better than the competition. The best way to find out is to simply ask the consumer. Today, some of the most successful jewelers rely on this unique product to run their businesses. We urge you to contact them and ask about e-Jewelry. Hear it directly from them. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us today to find out more about how Microsoft Dynamics NAV e-Jewelry can help you to grow your business.