A Clean and Easy to Use Interface

e-Jewelry looks & works like other Microsoft Products.

clean interface

The Item Card

User can select any item, view all the information about that item including special manufacturer or customer comments, and view its picture directly from the item card. NAV flow-field technology allows the user to drill down on any field and see the actual transaction that make up the total on the screen. Seven different item types meet all the requirements of today’s businesses and manufacturers (Style, Jewelry, Diamond, Stone, Regular, Metal, Kit).

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Job Card

Four types of jobs: Stock, Lot, Maintenance, Repair give the flexibility to use the job card for different types of jewelry items. Job card includes standards BOM menu selections, additional consumption categories, and item or job specific requirements. From the Job Card, user can still change BOM selections, calculate cost conversions or close the job altogether. User can also create job immediately from Job Card and print complete Job Envelope, job labels or tags, and post consumption directly on Job Card.

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)


Business Computing anticipated the advent of new technologies such as RFID, to allow easy integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. Today, where e-Jewelry software is being deployed, our software can handle RFID technology in diverse functions to keep track of your inventory instantaneously. The process uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to scan hundreds of diamond parcels or jewelry items in a matter of seconds...