Critical Comparison


Criteria for Selecting ERP Software

When it comes to comparing Microsoft Dynamics NAV with the others, there is simply no competition!

Business automation is a complex matter that will affect your business operation for the next ten years. With all costs considered, including the amortized cost of your employee’s time over five years, an implementation project can cost from $15,000 to $2 million and up. Considering the size of the investment, it is amazing how many businesses never take the time to ensure they are making the right decision. Some businesses will always focus on cost no matter what. When comparing prices between ERP vendors, you must be certain to compare “apples with apples”. There are large gray areas in proposals that make direct comparisons difficult.


Level of support provided by dealer

Over 3,000 support partners worldwide, Support from any Microsoft certified technician

Yes No

Developer's track record of performance

With over 100,000 implementations worldwide (over 2 million users) in over 142 countries

Yes No

Ability to fit business

Highly customizable to fit specific needs, Access to "Source Code," an "open" database

Yes No

Growth potential

Endless possibilities to accommodate growing pains, Clear Road Map for future releases, upgrades

Yes No

Competitive pricing and substantial R&D investment

Microsoft invested over $1 billion in Microsoft Dynamics, Highest Return on Investment (ROI)

Yes No

Quality of documentation

Easy to use Microsoft technical documentation, Unlimited training materials & resources on-line

Yes No

Functionality & seamless integration

Built-in Financial Package, Role center for each employee, Help functionality, Office 365 Integration.

Yes No

Ease of use

Drill Down Menus, Analytics capability, Quick Search, Easily accessible icons on top, Role-Tailored.

Yes No

Ease of implementation

Simplified implementation methodology to get customer up & running on-premises or in the cloud.

Yes No

Ability to work with existing hardware

Eliminates the need to purchase new compatible hardware

Yes No