Use Solutions that Work with Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV


Magento e-Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV

Businesses of every size need to compete effectively online. Magento offers two solutions depending on the size of your business. With Magento Go, even the smallest businesses that do not have the technical resources to build and customize their online store can now access an enterprise-class e-Commerce solution. Magento Go offers the power and flexibility of Magento, the platform trusted by many of the world's most respected brands, at a price that any business can afford.

Magento takes care of all the software, servers, hosting and security so you can focus on growing your online store. With Magento Enterprise Edition, you get a complete e-Commerce solution for businesses that are ready to take full advantage of their online channel. This solution combines an unrivaled feature set with world-class support and virtually infinite flexibility, at a fraction of the price charged by competitive platforms.


SANA e-Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV

Sana Commerce is the e-Commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics®. Sana’s web store is available for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV and can be used as a real-time, B2B Sales Portal as well as a B2C web store for online retail. Since the beginning, Sana's e-Commerce interfaces were designed and developed to be closely integrated with Dynamics and to use its business logic and information whenever needed.

Sana Commerce not simply connects to Dynamics - part of Sana is installed within Dynamics, to ensure the tightest cooperation possible. Next to this, the Sana Commerce IPad quick ordering app for Dynamics adds to the freedom of mobile order taking for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV.


ExpandIT e-Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV

ExpandIT Internet Shop Enterprise is the Top-Selling e-commerce solution in the World for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV. It provides you with rapid implementation & development methodology, customer access to account ledger information online and real Time or batch connectivity to NAV.

With ExpandIT Internet Shop Enterprise (EISE), your store can be open 24/7/365 – even when your back-end system is down. Your customers can shop with ease at their convenience, accessing your products through an attractive, user-friendly environment.

b2b app

Pepperi Mobile Sales Suite

PEPPERI, previously named WRNTY, is the market leader in complete and automated, order-to-cash mobile sales apps, enabling superior e-catalog presentation and order taking. PEPPERI for Sales Teams (previously named SupeRep) is the App Store’s most popular sales rep application. PEPPERI’s customers upgrade their business from paper order taking into stunning, active e-catalogs that practically sell for them, while shortening the order-to-cash cycle, preventing mistakes and offer superior inventory handling.

PEPPERI’s platform includes PEPPERI for Buyers (previously named Superbiz), a B2B sales order management app for Buyers that enables companies to deploy the same catalog presentation and order taking strengths in a self-service e-commerce site. Today, daily orders going through PEPPERI for Sales Teams and PEPPERI for Buyers are in the tens of millions of dollars. PEPPERI’s apps run on iOS, Windows 8 and Android.