How Did We Do It?

Designing e-Jewelry


A Superior Platform - A Technology of the Future - An Input from Knowledgeable Industry Consultants

As a Microsoft partner, Business Computing (BCI) incorporated Microsoft Dynamics NAV modular, end-to-end ERP software solution, resulting in an industry specific software product with the express purpose of enhancing performance and profitability for mid-sized & large Jewelry companies.

e-Jewelry Software was designed by our staff of industry consultants utilizing the core Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, with input from our partner Microsoft as well as an advisory group of clients and industry experts within the jewelry manufacturing and jewelry distribution industries, to bring the finest in software technology to the precious metals jewelry and fashion jewelry industries.

How Does e-Jewelry Work?

The system is designed for the wholesale Jewelry Manufacturer who wants to keep an accurate inventory, customer ledger, track the orders for each style from order entry, to shipment. The system creates individual job envelopes for each unique item if required. It works well for the fine jeweler who manufactures items from styles and creates new stocks. Individual inventory styles will also have unique ID numbers in the system.

The item card will provide information such as available quantity on hand, on order, on memo, on purchase orders, etc. With e-Jewelry, you don't have to change your business model to accommodate the software. Our solution combines the best of Microsoft Dynamics NAV's enterprise software suite with program customizations designed to reflect the way you do business. Now you can handle all stages in production - from the first quote until the jewelry is produced and delivered at the end user.


A Complete ERP Solution with A Difference

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP solution collects your business's functions into ONE integrated system. When "ERP" is discussed today, it is rarely in the context of planning how resources are to be expended. Rather, it refers to an enterprise view of the business—in other words, a view of a company and all its parts as connected whole, rather than small silos of activity. Specifically, ERP relates to the software infrastructure that holds the entire company together internally, on one hand, and supports the external business processes the company engages in on the other. Many software vendors out there claim to be selling "ERP" solutions. A true ERP system should have the following traits:

  • It should be integrated and operate in real-time with no periodic batch updates.
  • All applications should access one database to prevent redundant data and multiple data definitions.
  • All modules should have the same look and feel.
  • Users should be able to access any information in the system without needed integration work on the part of the IT department or software developer.

With close visual and functional ties to Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics NAV e-Jewelry is easy to learn, simple to use, and quick to implement. With integrated financial, manufacturing, supply chain management, sales and marketing, project management, human resources and services and management of information from across your organization stored in a centralized database, your people can work quickly and effectively - helping to drive your business forward.