The Power of Microsoft

Who Developed Your Software and How Are They Supporting It?


Enter - The number one software company in the world!

Before you make that important decision to invest in any software package, it pays to know the people behind it and for how long they have been in business. Behind e-Jewelry Software is Microsoft Dynamics NAV from Microsoft. Just in-case you have not heard of Microsoft, I will refresh your memory: Over a quarter a century ago, William (Bill) H. Gates founded Microsoft Corporation.

Today, with Mr. Gates serving as its chairman, Microsoft remains the symbol of technological triumph, success, reliability and the worldwide leader in software services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. Now you know who is behind e-Jewelry Software.

One Solution is the Best Solution

For many Jewelry manufacturers for example, attempting to integrate a system with an accounting system takes time, costs money and offers no guarantee of success. So why bother when a truly integrated system already exists? Go ahead and meet changing business needs without disrupting your operations or your IT budget—and make the most of your current IT investments.

e-Jewelry Software provides the flexibility to set up your system for today's business requirements, as well as a reliable platform for change and growth. Security features enable you to configure the system to control who can access what; built-in tools and the open architecture enable Microsoft partners to adapt the foundation to meet your specific needs—now and in the future. Microsoft Dynamics NAV e-Jewelry is your one complete jewelry software solution.

Technology That is Here to Stay (Roadmap!)

When you buy a Microsoft product, you are actually buying a product that will be serving you for a long time to come. Unlike other fly by night software solutions, Dynamics NAV roadmap (See diagram below) clearly outlines the future of this platform as a bridge to technology that is here to stay. As a partner, Business Computing follows Microsoft's Statement of Direction for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. As Microsoft adds new features, e-Jewelry is also constantly being upgraded with new features that are passed on to all customers when they install the latest versions.


Who is Using e-Jewelry Software?

It's no secret that over 70 major jewelers across America AND CLIMBING, including some of the most successful jewelry companies in North America are using e-Jewelry Software from Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Business Computing has been working with these companies, some of them for years, from software installation and set-up, implementation and testing, data transfer & conversion, warehouse automation, customization, integration, training and on-going support.

These companies are successful because they know what they are doing. e-Jewelry gives them accurate information at their fingertips including instant reports that they need, business intelligence, a centralized database which helps their people to work quickly and effectively - helping to drive their businesses forward. Please feel free to contact us for references.

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