Sales Orders & Memos

Sales Order & Memo Processing


See What's in Stock and ...what's sold out!

With e-Jewelry, see which store has items still in stock and which stores have sold out items on memo. A large part of the day-to-day routine of a jewelry wholesaler or manufacturer revolves around processing customer orders, estimating item pricing and generating quotations for specific items. With these tasks in mind, Business Computing designed Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV e-Jewelry to maximize efficiency and overall output.


  • Manage customer orders
  • Generate item estimates correctly
  • Improve customer service by providing fast access to information
  • Track order status
  • Generate purchase orders from sales orders
  • Email and fax orders from e-Jewelry

Order Processing Module (Main Features)

e-Jewelry Estimate and Quotes:
The estimating module is used as a configurator to modify the components of a style and calculate new price quotes. The user can modify the metal from 14k to 18k or Platinum, as well as the diamond size and grade. The system will automatically calculate the new cost and selling price.
  • It will configure and quote for styles based on unique configurations
  • Send estimates and quotation forms with pictures
  • All of the features of plain Microsoft Dynamics NAV Plus e-Jewelry Customer Orders
  • Modify order item BOM components
  • Ability to create Job tickets
  • Complete order tracking throughout the MFG process
  • Customer Credit limit warning
  • Stock out message
  • Access Item details from order screen
e-Jewelry Customer order entry is designed to function in a multi-user, multi-tasking environment.

Order Processing Module (Main Features)

  • Keep track of items on consignment
  • See which store has items still in stock and which stores have sold out items on memo
  • Create memorandum invoices for items shipped on consignment, samples to be returned or invoiced later on
  • Automatically invoice customers for consigned merchandise after it is sold
  • Locate items by consignment customer or Vendor
  • Provide complete aging reports for consigned inventory
  • View a complete Memo history