Microsoft Enhancement Plan

Dynamics Enhancement Plan


Protect your investment & keep employees informed.

Microsoft stands by its customers at every stage of their life-cycle. Your Microsoft Dynamics service plan is critical to your success – it gives you access to new​ version rights, updates, support resources, e-learning and much more. All of these benefits combined, help your organization maximize the value of your Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Your Microsoft Dynamics solution puts you at the top of your game—and your Microsoft Dynamics service plan keeps you there. It’s what you need to stay compliant, stay competitive, and get the greatest value from your solution over time.

The Microsoft Dynamics Enhancement Plan is your first step toward a service plan experience that reduces downtime, mitigates costs, and keeps your solution running at peak performance. Get innovations in usability and functionality that help you look ahead and stay ahead. Be proactive and productive, meeting the challenges of your business with self-support tools available through the CustomerSource online portal. You can share issues and insights with other expert users, and stay up to speed on the latest tips and trends with unlimited access to online training. The Enhancement Plan helps you learn how to get more out of your solution and improve business performance.

Keep your solution up-to-date with ready access to service packs and hotfixes. The Enhancement Plan also gives you timely access to new version rights and advanced features. When you wish to purchase a support incident, Microsoft experts are ready with one-on-one help that gets you back to business.

Throughout the life of your solution, Microsoft Dynamics service plans help you get the most from your investment. Read on for details about Enhancement Plan benefits, as well as contact information to help you stay connected.

Benefits at a Glance

1. New version rights, hotfixes, service packs and regulatory releases
2. Protected List Price and Transition Investment Credit
3. Unlimited access to online training, certifications & user guides
4. Access self-directed support through CustomerSource
5. License Mobility
6. Disaster Recovery...