Success Stories

Success Stories

Tacori Enterprises, Inc. of Glendale California are experts in creating handcrafted, beautifully intricate, designer diamond rings and artisan jewelry featuring the unique, trademarked Crescent Silhouette design.

Famously known as designers of some of the world’s most sought after diamond rings, Spanning four decades, Tacori designs have fused classic elegance with modern inspiration, creating some of the world’s most highly regarded and exquisite jewelry.

Tacori’s legacy
The stunning beauty and intricacy of each piece of Tacori jewelry is the result of an uncompromising passion for artisanship. Passion for Artistry Handcrafted in California, these remarkably detailed rings and fine jewelry pieces become the timeless symbols of connection that join individuals and generations.

The Pain and the Challenge
Tacori was frustrated with their current software for many reasons. They never received a complete training on how to use the program in the first place and what its actual capabilities were. They had to do their own research to find what their options were. Updates and/or customizations are never tested and checked by programmers at the current software if they work properly before deploying them. The solution is based on an old and outdated FoxPro platform. It’s not a “TRUE” ERP solution. It’s simply a customized application that that was written for that purpose only. The financials were later added in it in order to try and give it an appearance of an ERP solution. The result is a cumbersome way of trying to pull data from one database in an environment of forced, questionable and technologically challenged and un-natural integration.

The Solution
Microsoft Dynamics NAV e-Jewelry Software for financials, manufacturing, distribution, inventory control, product management, sales & marketing and jewelry functions will now handle the entire Tacori’s operation. Business Computing will provide Microsoft Dynamics NAV and e-Jewelry Software solution for Tacori Enterprises, Inc. This includes 40 user licenses for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and 40 licenses for e-Jewelry Component, Enhancement support for all the software, and consulting services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and e-Jewelry Component including Analysis, Design, Development, Deployment, Operation, and Project Management. Included in the scope of the project is several ISV add-on software. This includes the implementation of Lanham EDI & E-Ship, RFID Technology, Jet Reports & BarTender Bar-coding Software.

The Value
A financial investment in US Dollars for Microsoft software, 3rd party software & partner services was measured carefully. Tacori Enterprises, Inc. intends in the coming years to stay ahead of the competition by optimizing business practices with the latest in computer software technology. This optimization will enable Tacori Enterprises, Inc. to continue to provide their clients with a high level of service while establishing a solid base to take advantage of improvements in the ever-changing world of technology.

The Competition

After reviewing several software developers and vendors across the country, Tacori chose Business Computing for a reason. Business Computing follow-up calls and e-mails as well as critical reminders to Tacori Executives about the need for them to deploy a new jewelry ERP system with an unmatched ROI was the key to winning the contract. When e-Jewelry was compared to Tacori’s old FoxPro-based software, there was no competition. Tacori was comfortable with Business Computing honest and upfront approach toward software selection and implementation including discussions on successes and failures of such projects.
gold-craftBusiness Requirements that the project solved for the customer Gold Craft (GC) is a gold jewelry importing and manufacturing company that sells to major jewelry chains and independent jewelry stores. As GC grew, the need for an accounting system that could effectively manage expansion became chiefly important. Although the old system worked, the network and the software constantly crashed and generated incorrect data, which cost hefty maintenance charges. Moreover, the computer consulting firm was frequently unavailable to fix system crashes In order to handle manufacturing production, and order processing, GC needed a stable and powerful solution. Microsoft Dynamics NAV e-Jewelry Software from Business Computing not only supports GC’s core business requirements, but also takes advantage of Windows technology, providing a dynamic, user-friendly interface with excellent customer service.

Gold Craft’s Business Requirements:
  • Keep track of daily sales, orders, Inventory shipment and receipts
  • Generate invoices by daily gold price, or a fixed gold price
  • Report accurately on salesperson’s commissions & split commission between several salespeople
  • Provide capabilities to manage memo or consignment inventory
  • Provide capabilities to evaluate inventory and selling price of current gold market
  • Provide reports for inventory ordering and sales history reports
Primary benefit for the customer:
By switching to e-Jewelry, GC can report accurately on sales inventory transactions, consignment inventory, salesperson’s commission, and financial reporting. Moreover, since system crashing is no longer an issue, GC doesn’t waste valuable time or money and can focus their efforts on growing the business.

Short overview of solution functionality:
e-Jewelry calculates invoices based on daily metal markets. e-Jewelry can lock jewelry based on purchase date’s market price the system allows GC to maintain individual gold labor pricing for each customer. Even if market prices shift, the customer’s price remains unaffected. e-Jewelry also splits or calculates the receivable and generates metal ledgers that keep track of them. e-Jewelry does toll accounting, allowing user to separate labor and good’s costs, which is a common practice in the jewelry industry.

Length of project time from start to finish:

Business Computing spent four months implementing e-Jewelry. During this time period, Business Computing met with GC several times to assess their business needs. Once Business Computing identified what needed altering, they administered a mock conversion to ensure that GC’s system could convert accurately into Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Completed Project Description:

The conversion worked with great success, providing Gold Craft with the stable solution they needed. Gold Craft is very satisfied with e-Jewelry’s performance. Gold Craft now has a stable accounting system that can effectively control business growth without system crashes. Moreover, since making the switch to e-Jewelry, the system’s reporting accuracy has already paid dividends for Gold Craft.
The Company
Founded in 1978, Coast Diamond (CD) is wholesale jewelry manufacturer and distributor that imports, produces, and sells fine jewelry. Since CD is dedicated to offering customers unique and customized designs, they needed an accounting software system that can handle precise customization.

The Challenge
CD used MAS 90 which is a commercial package that cannot handle the specific requirements of a jewelry company. Each new item that CD manufactures needs a unique identification number. However, MAS 90 cannot handle such miniscule customization and assigned infinite new item numbers to the parts and labor attributed to a single piece of jewelry. Having so many numbers makes it complicated for users to distinguish between jewelry pieces. Additionally, CD couldn’t directly link purchase and sales orders or create job envelopes. Having these procedures un-integrated significantly slowed down Coast Diamond’s ability to process and manufacture orders in a timely manner for customers. In contrast, Microsoft Dynamics NAV e-Jewelry Software from Business Computing serializes items, eliminating the confusion that multiple item numbers create. e-Jewelry also fully integrates the process of purchasing with sales ordering. Another key feature of e-Jewelry is the ability to create job envelopes as well as to track jobs and raw material consumption.

The Solution
The primary solutions e-Jewelry solved for CD were process optimization, speed, and efficiency. Now each jewelry piece can have its own serial number and maintain its own bill of materials (BOM), cost, price, description, etc. Moreover, e-Jewelry automatically creates purchase orders based on customer demands, effectively bridging the gap between purchasing and sales ordering.

Short overview of solution functionality
e-Jewelry creates style or item numbers through the product BOM configurator, allowing users to price, quote, and define style combinations. e-Jewelry defines and records model style inventory, providing ability for model style notes and bags. User manipulates sample data sets to define and price detailed BOM’s. e-Jewelry defines and generates multiple routings and BOM’s for items produced in-house and outsourced for setting and polishing. e-Jewelry tracks production routing steps for internal work centers or outsourced vendors.

Implementation Time
Business Computing spent four months customizing e-Jewelry for CD. This process involved lots of special modifications as Business Computing tailored and customized the software to meet CD’s specific requirements.

Key Benefits

Since switching to e-Jewelry, Coast Diamond can now firmly stand by their commitment of excellence. With e-Jewelry, Coast Diamond can capably offer customers unique designs or specifically tailor pieces to a customer’s particular taste. Moreover, Coast Diamond has been able to eliminate the unnecessary steps that slowed down the production process. With e-Jewelry, the entire production process runs smoother and more efficiently with software that is specifically designed to handle the needs of a jewelry business. The key benefit includes saving through reduced system downtime as well as productivity gains resulting from an integrated system with access to reliable and correct data.