Terms & Conditions for Discounts and Promotions

  • Discounts are offered by Microsoft and as such, Microsoft imposes deadlines which allows the promos to run for a limited time only, requiring that all discounts to be confirmed at the time of the order as they can expire at any time.
  • Unless otherwise noted on the quote or an exception is made as it's customarily the case, e-Jewelry Component is sold separately (In-house or cloud) and is usually not part of any Microsoft pricing or promotions as shown anywhere on this website. In the Cloud environment, pricing for Azure hosting depends on data usage & number of licenses.
  • Software price is usually separated from installation & set-up services such as the Implementation, Data Transfer, Training and Customization as these services are usually quoted separately but within the same quote document. Hosting fees apply to the subscription model. Check with your sales representative accordingly.
  • The implementation & training for the complete Microsoft Dynamics NAV system is estimated at a ratio of 1:1 e.g. (software - $2,000: services - $2,000 = $4,000). This estimate is subject to change; up or down upon a more detailed review of the project requirements. Once that is completed, a final more accurate quote will then be issued.

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